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Apple’s Mac Mail gave the users a new approach of mailing and presented with some of the unique features within its mail service. However, being a technical product, it goes through several issues which may possibly need the support of an expert. We are the answer to all of your difficulties while working on Mac Mail. Now, many times users report problems with sending or receiving e-mail, there could be many explanations. Firstly make sure that you have a working internet connection. And if that is not the issue than you should try your configuring mail account settings. Open Windows Macmail and navigate towards the account details. Now locate the account information details and then select ‘Tools’ and click ‘Accounts’. Now after you have selected ‘Mail’, go to ‘Properties and then go to ‘Server’ tab. Now fill in the appropriate information in the incoming and outgoing mail server options. By following it through, you will re-configure your account and might resolve the issue. But if this continues to bother you then it is advisable to contact macmail tech support and services.

How To Recover Passwords in Mac OS X with Keychain Access

There's nothing worse than being in a hurry and not remembering your password. Fortunately, with Mac OS X’s built-in password manager, you can easily recover those lost passwords without having to bother with the password reset debacle. Use Keychain Access to search for and retrieve any saved password.

Step 1

To get started, open the Keychain Access app (located in /Applications/Utilities). This is the built-in password manager for Mac OS X. When you save passwords in applications like Mail and Safari, this is where you can access them.

Step 2

Under the Keychains section on the left-hand side of the app, select login. You should now see a list of websites and applications that use Keychain Access to store login information. Scroll down through this list until you get to the login item that you’ve forgotten. When you find it, double-click it (or single-click and select the “i” button at the bottom of the screen).

Step 3

This will pop open a new dialog window containing specific information about your user account. From this screen, click the check box labeled “Show password.”

Step 4

You will be prompted to enter your Mac OS X user credentials to authenticate. Once entered, click the Allow button to continue.

Your password will then be visible in the login item detail pop up, allowing you to write it down or copy it in plain text to paste into the website it belongs to.

Issues with Mac Mail solved by our customer support:-

  • Configuring of an account

  • Logging in issues

  • Password reset

  • Password recovery issue

  • Attachment issues while sending mails

  • Unable to open the attachments

  • Server linked issues

  • Account privacy issues

  • Spam issues

  • Hacking issues

  • Blocked account

All of the above mentioned issues are resolved by our Macmail technical support team. We have the team which is skilled and practiced at their core so as to recover every issue which the users may come across. Call on the mentioned macmail customer service number to find all of the solutions to your concerns

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